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Meet the Chef


Amber Rotar

Founder & Chef

Whether your goal is eating better, losing weight, building muscle, or simply achieving a healthy lifestyle, Amber has personal experience with all sorts of healthy eating objectives.


In addition to her personal familiarity with dieting and nutrition, she has solicited the expertise of a certified nutritionist as well as a licensed, registered dietician.


Amber was born and raised in Anchorage and has spent several years doing construction for her father, training for bodybuilding and powerlifting, and testing new recipes and "food hacks" for both baking and cooking.

As a junior in high school, she tipped the scales at 230 pounds. By the time she graduated, she was a healthy 145 - all due to adjusted eating habits and moderate exercise. In 2007 - as a freshman in college - she was awarded Female Athlete of the Year for boxing. From 2015-2018  she competed in the Figure division of NPC Bodybuilding. She took first place in the Tanji Johnson Classic in Tacoma, WA in 2017. This qualified her to compete in a National level show, which she did in Las Vegas July 2018.


Amber married Joseph Rotar in 2020 and they welcomed their baby girl in August that same year. They are now expecting their second child - a baby boy - at the end of October 2022. Feed Me AK has grown to become what Joe lovingly refers to as our wife-owned, family-operated business. They are deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed to the growth and development of their little family, as well as their business.

As you can see, our founder has experience in all sorts of areas of healthy eating and life management: from childhood obesity, to athletics, and now as a mom with pregnancy weight and the covid 19(#s), we're happy to help with whatever your personal goal and needs are!


For contact information and referrals regarding customized meal plans, personalized diets, and personal training please email us at the address below.


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